Removing Assets

I removed some assets from my BLOCS project by highlighting them in the manager and selecting “-” but every time I open the project it tells me I having missing assets. How do I flush the cache of the asset manager?

Have you tried restarting Blocs? Personally I always right click on the asset and then select the option to remove. I’ve had problems in the past where Blocs was still showing unwanted assets, but not with recent versions.

Yes the “missing assets” box pops up on rebooting the application.

I removed them by selecting multiple assets then removing them together.

The missing assets box popup usually means you still have something linking to that asset and Blocs is saying it cannot be found. This was actually a bug in older versions of Blocs. With that pop up visible, right click on the items and remove them. The next time you restart Blocs it should all be good.

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They no longer feature in the asset manager so I am unable to remove them again?

No I mean if they pop up again as missing assets when you restart Blocs.

Done it. Thanks!