Rename and deltes existing sites

how do I delete unwanted sites previously built in blocs 3 from my !
Is it possible to rename existing sites?
How do I duplicate an existing site?

Blocs files are really no different to any other file on your computer system. You can delete them by simply moving them to the trash and then emptying the trash. If you need to rename them just right-click on the file and choose the rename option. If you want to make copies, right-click on the file and choose the duplicate option. Duplicate files will be renamed automatically by the operating system - usually by appending “copy” to the existing name. However, you can rename the file to something else as discussed above.

If, what you are trying to do, is remove the list of recently opened documents from the blocs splash screen, open blocs and from the file menu select open recent/clear menu. Close blocs and reopen it and the file list should be empty.

It is also possible to make a copy of a blocs file when it is open in the blocs application. To do this just select the file menu again and choose Save As instead of save. This will create a new copy of the project with any name of your choosing - leaving the original file unchanged.

Thanks for the help.