Repeat questions

There are certain questions that seem to come up fairly regularly and could probably be found by searching the forum, but not everybody speaks English as a first language or even knows the technical terms for what they need.

I wondered if we could draw up a shortlist of such points, then perhaps create a sticky on the forum to provide quicker answers for these frequently asked questions. Any thoughts one which ones should be listed? I figure this could be expanded or edited over time.


Hi @Flashman,
I’ve been thinking about this for a while and fully agree with you. In the perfect world, you would create a knowledge base with all tips and tricks on this forum and remove all the “noise” of discussions.
Thinking loud; If you would be able to extract all discussions on this forum into text files, then extract all tip and tricks, links etc., add tags with technical terms as well as frequently used terms, Blocs version (V2, V3, V4 soon :grinning:) etc. etc. After this copy all information to a website and done. I’m sure this will be an awful lot of work but when done by a team of dedicated Blocs users who will follow preset guidelines it should be feasible. I’m happy to assist.

Great idea! I have been answering thousands and thousands of similar questions though email for years. Tutorial database has helped to reduce the workload, and I am sure that the written version here on Blocs forum or Blocs app website would be very helpful too!

@Eldar You are no doubt in an excellent position to know a lot of those most asked frequently asked questions.

Many of these answers are already present and available by simply checking the help documentation or searching on the forum. For whatever reason some of this information with troubleshooting needs to be more visible. One of the problems with constant topic duplication is that it can actually lead to confusion.

Just a few of the topics that spring to mind:

Licensing issues
Bug reporting
Contact form send issues
Exporting projects
SSL issues
Saving files
Missing assets
Embedding assets
Slow loading pages
Adding fonts
Converting fonts
Font sizing
Getting modals to work
Coloured mobile menu
Page settings
Project settings

I also agree with the need for version tagging. Questions are often asked without having any idea of what Blocs version is being used.

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Such a “wiki” or “faq” functionality is available inside this Discourse forum, maybe an idea:

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That might be a good way of doing it. I had thought of adding an FAQ category and maybe placing a sticky link leading to that from other pages, but perhaps the wiki idea works better.

@InStacks You will know just like @Norm and others that time spent on common support issues is time lost for development and making better apps, so I figure anything that can make this more efficient is a win win for both users and developers removing some of the stress.

If I look at my starter list above some of those point to issues that are often not directly caused by Blocs and some of the frustrations expressed at times are understandable, yet misplaced.


I’m first to admit that I’m one of the guilty ones!
Just to throw a spanner in the works, not being code-minded, or a great history of web work, I’m unsure of how to phrase what I’m looking for, or search for the correct term.
So for some (probably me included, although the more I do, the more I get to know the terms) those repeat questions will still get through, not because of laziness, but because of the lack of technical knowledge.
Just to finish on something positive. Although I’ve only been using Blocs intermittently since January, I’ve learned soooooooo much from all of you chaps answering above.
So thanks for that!:grinning:

That would be great! @Malachiman was telling me the same a few days ago but sometimes I dont know the technical name of what I want to do so no idea of what Im looking for.