Reply to sender on From Field Formulary

I am using a form.
I receive ok the emails, but the sender is the server. How can I do the sender to be the email that the users fill on the form? so in this way on my email program I just have to clic the reply button. Because if I do that right now I will reply to the server email.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi! That‘s strange. Usually when you reply to a mail you receive from form the mail goes to the mail address that the website visitor wrote into the form.

That potentially could be seen as spoofed email, the reverse look up will see a mismatch between the senders domain and that of the email server. Might be better to use the reply to field.

Just had a look at the PHP for the blocs form and it already does use the reply to field.
Are you using the form from blocs, or something bespoke?

Hi Martin.
First, thanks for your help.
And second I feel shamed. You are right. Bury my question in the most deepest of the internet
Thanks for your help.

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Lol, not a problem. If you don’t ask, you will never know :grinning:

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