Request for a future update regarding forms

Something I would like to have in Blocs:
The form not only send to the receiver, but also to the one who sends it as a copy.

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It should be fairly easy to do even now - edit the PHP form responder to send the form to the address provided.


Usually the ‘user receipt’ email content needs to be different to the one that the actual recipient needs and often properly formatted with logos, etc. so not necessarily a trivial task to automate in a usable manner.

In the meantime learn some PHP and get editing. You may need to learn some HTML too if you want fancy (ie professional standard) layout.

This is quite a bad idea. Autoresponse forms are a big target for spammers, particularly where the form contents are being returned to the apparent sender of the form. Once a spammer knows that your form does this, you leave your site wide open to becoming a spam gateway. Essentially, some low-life sits at their computer filling up your form using email addresses of people they wish to spam. They then fill up other fields with links, messages and all manner of other junk. When the form is received by your server, it responds by sending you a copy and a copy to the email address provided on the form. In some cases, the whole process could be automated by the spammer, which will leave you with a lot of explaining to do to your hosting provider who will undoubtedly send you a denial of service notice until the problem gets rectified. You will also find your domain blacklisted - not a good thing to have happen.

If you must have some sort of auto response you will need to set up a system where a confirmation link is sent first. This could simply say you have received a form response bearing the recipients email address. If the recipient is not the sender, they should simply ignore the message. If they were the sender, clicking a link should should trigger an action on your mail server that confirms the email address is a genuine enquiry, leaving you to respond to the enquiry in any way you deem fit. If the link isn’t clicked within say 12 hours, the enquiry is automatically trashed.

Your confirmation message in blocs should advise the form filler that a confirmation link has been sent to their email address. This way, if a spammer sees such a confirmation message, they will most likely pass on your form and go hunting elsewhere.

This is something to think about! That is some really great advice. I never had problems with something like that, but I know there are some really nasty people doing shit like that.
The idea of a confirmation mail which triggers something is absolutely something to consider…