Request for help with Blogging Course using Volt CMS

Can somebody help me, please? I am starting out on Eldar’s Blogging Course using Volt CMS (currently here 1-2. Setting Up the Volt Core Bric) but not getting past first base, unfortunately. What do you do when you only have one domain. E.g. I have a site at http:/ and all my files for that are in the htdocs folder. The site won’t allow me to create another folder for some reason. I have tried deleting all those files and just uploading the Volt CMS folder but no good. Doesn’t work. How and where do I upload the Writer - Volt CMS folder which I created? I can’t get past this stage. If somebody can help me, I am more than welcome to provide all the necessary FTP details and passwords and, if required, provide financial assistance.

Thanking you
Sr. Sabina

Dear Sister Sabina,

You do not need to manually create/upload any additional folders to your server. When you setup the Volt CMS bric in your Blocs project (as I show in my videos), and upload the exported files from your Blocs project, the folder with required files will be automatically created on your server.

If you are not sure how to proceed, I recommend to rewatch the lesson, as I show every step you need to take.

Best regards,

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Still no luck. Will come back to it tomorrow after a couple of hours of rest and a relook at your videos to see where I am going wrong. Thank you

Sounds great! Have a great evening!

Been playing with this all morning and still no luck. I have gone back to step 1 of the videos time and time again and the only difference I see is when transferring the Writer folder to transmit. I have no “public.html” folder on my server, only the “htdocs” one, and am prevented from creating another folder to house these files. Have included screenshots of what I am getting.

Uploading: Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 11.11.20.png…

Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 11.31.56

Can you suggest a workaround for this, please? Or anybody else for that? Is this something typical of Japanese servers?


I recall your setup was different @Sabina

The _CMS folder goes in the same folder your site files are in.

Yes, you are right. We had this issue once before with my server. But should there be files with the same name as those in the e.g. Writer folder in the already existing server directory won’t it overwrite them? I am currently in the process of writing to my provider seeing if they can’t set me straight on this matter. The only difference I see between Eldar’s and my project is that I am missing the public.html folder. I’m hoping that my provider might be able to create that folder which I don’t have permission to do at the moment.

Every provider is different. My server for example does not have any of these obvious “public html” or “htdocs” folders.

Please ask your provider where to upload the files, they will be able to help you.

Thank you. Have sent a detailed email off to the provider asking for clarification on setup. Hopefully, they will get back to me soon. Today I would like it if possible.

Good evening! In any case, the folder you need to upload your exported files is probably the same folder you have used before to upload your regular website.

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24 hours down the track and this is the sum of what I got back from the provider. Doesn’t help me much in the end and it looks like, at this end, the whole Blog Volt CMS was a waste of money, time and effort. If somebody can help me with a couple of answers to the things that they have suggested then I would be more than appreciated.

"Therefore, it may be an error in the internal configuration or PHP.

Please follow the steps below to see if there are any hints as to the cause of the error.
User’s Manual / Viewing the CGI Error Log

Please check the version of PHP that your CMS requires.
PHP 5.2 is the upper limit for the webserver you are currently using.

If you want to use a version higher than PHP 5.2, you will need to change your web server.
The application process is currently suspended, so please wait until the application process resumes on or after March 1, 2022 (scheduled).
Changing the web server itself is free of charge, but you need to move the data by yourself.
The change of web server is free of charge.

Please make sure that the permissions are correct.
Please refer to the following manual for the permission setting values.

User’s Manual (Administrator)
Permission setting values

The HOME Contact Center will not be able to answer any other questions regarding the data structure that you have created.

If you have any other questions, please contact us."

  1. How can you tell whether there is an error in the internal configuration of PHP?

  2. Does Volts use 5.2 PHP and above? If so then I am going to have to wait until March when my provider is scheduled to open the application process to change my webserver which is due on or after March 1, 2022. Then I am up for transferring all the data myself. They won’t do it.

  3. How or where can I find the errors in the internal configuration of PHP?

  4. I see in the manual where the permission setting values are, but where do you find them on your actual site?

Think that just about does it. Rather disappointed at this stage after what seemed like a cool way to be able to use Volts CMS


Volt requires min PHP 7.3. As per docs.

Seems like it’s time you found a new host. And save your self the headache from their weird setup.

Maybe @JDW is able to suggest a reliable hosting company in Japan.


I agree with @Malachiman, I think that if your host is not supporting anything newer than a very old version of PHP (5.2), it’s time to find a new hosting provider.

In any case, if you feel that you won’t be able to take advantage of Volt CMS, get in touch with me and I will see how I can make it less regrettable to you. I still recommend to stick with Volt and just change the host.

Best regards,


In all the 27 years I’ve lived in Japan, I’ve never hosted anything in Japan. I’ve always used a US-based host, despite the fact the company for whom I work is Japanese with no branches outside Japan. Why? Cost! US hosting has always been cheaper than Japanese hosting, and since I speak English natively, there is no language barrier for me.

At my employer here in Japan, we have two domains. One is dot COM and the other dot JP. We have to register the dot JP domain in Japan, of course. But that’s the only thing we have tied to a Japan based host (actually, “registrar”).

In light of this, I am not able to recommend a reliable hosting setup in Japan.


Interesting. Was worth the shot.

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It seems your hosting service is a waste of money. Not the blogging course or Volt CMS.

PHP 5.2 is years out of support. It has major security flaws. Any hosting company stating you’re bound to this version is unreliable.

Please force them to switch you to a up to date plan, or switch completely to a new hosting company (but no Go Daddy please).

Thank you everybody for this feedback. Since the reply from the provider, I have been in touch with the electrical firm responsible for our Lan setup asking them for suggestions as to who to move over to. I would be interested to hear what companies you use JDW. I had a site hosted on Bluehost a year or two back and had no problem with them. Just didn’t see much point at that time in having two providers. But if everybody else can get Volts up and running then I am ready for suggestions. For logistical reasons, I have to keep the current provider for members’ email accounts. Besides that, I am fed up at this moment.

Thank you, everybody.

Lastly, is it possible to just move the whole site over to another provider without having to go through the whole process of setting the site up from step one again? Of course, the Project Settings need to be updated. I realize that.

Yes, of course, that’s easy to accomplish. At the end just a copy / paste of all files. We can help you with that.

Well I had the same issue with Godaddy they have restrictions on read/write permissions. I struggled for a week with my service provider. Jannis knows about this. I simply changed my service provider services to hostinger and same programs started working flawless. _cms folder is auto created in public_html folder.

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