[request] Form: support required attribute for checkbox

Hi Norm,

Happy New Year to all your team!

I am surprised that Blocsapp doesn’t support “required” attribute for checkbox. It would be really useful for legal agreement for example.

You use jqBootstrapValidation.js. This js plugin natively support validation for required checkbox and I successfully test it on http://reactiveraven.github.io/jqBootstrapValidation. Why do you don’t support it in Blocsapp?

I tried to manually add the attribute in the HTML code. It doesn’t work. I even copy/paste the HTML code example from http://reactiveraven.github.io/jqBootstrapValidation, without success.

Do you plan to add this option in a future release? Or can you provide me any HTML or JS code that I can add to my form?

Thank you and best regards from Switzerland. Laurent


Bump - This is very important, Norm! Since we have new restriction here in germany as well … i.e. DSGVO. Pls reply quickly!

I believe this is actually due for release today or tomorrow.

Hopefully! There are may clients waiting … :wink:

I agree…according to some here on this forum we should just live with what features Blocs has. But…somethings (a lot) really need to be attended to.
Required is a no brainer. Glad it’s being implemented.

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I have a couple pressing cases myself at the moment where it needs to be added as soon as possible for clients. Look out for 2.5.3b4 that is due for release very soon.

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