Requesting client/website assets & information

Hi all,

I am just seeing what tips anyone can share, as I would like to improve on my work flow with clients.

Currently I get clients to send me all assets, high res images, fonts etc all in files per page or in one file and name the files well. They send all text, header text on word documents per page too.

This does work - but seeing if there is a better way.

I am considering doing it as an online system with google forms, or would like a document form they can simple open and fill in and click send, or add as an attachment.

Just thinking of new ideas !

I think creating a single source of content collection is important,If there are multiple ways to provide content, things can get messy.

The most common is a combination of email, documents, and file uploads. This complicates the process for clients. It also wastes your own time to collate the content and make sure you have everything you need. Some agencies have an entire person dedicated to this process.

When you use a central content repository or a “single source of truth,” your clients know where they need to go to submit content, and it saves your agency countless hours of management.

It is indeed something to think about. There are paid solutions on the web.

Like you, your clients are busy. It’s hard for them to find the time and patience to provide the content, even though you need it to do the work they’re paying you for.
Creating website content is time-consuming and difficult. So, of course, clients will put the task off, even if it’s in their own interests to do it quickly.

It’s also challenging because most clients don’t know exactly what’s needed. They have never created a website before, or they’re unsure about what content elements to include. You’ll know this problem exists when the content that does come back is vague or incomplete.

This creates serious challenges for designers. Projects grind to a halt, and it’s impossible to get any work done. Delays in projects also mean delays in getting paid.

On the other side, clients can get frustrated at the slow pace things are moving, even though we’re waiting on them.

The content collection process is a huge bottleneck for many of us I think be clear about it with your clients is important.

So a good topic to debate :slight_smile:

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totally agree and thanks @Ive251068 for your detailed post - all good comments.

We design websites - but I am taking the view from the clients eyes and I want to make the whole process easier, much more user friendly. Putting the user first is key and I think a nice process will also speed them up for the information!

Surely with the tools we have today with google etc we can incorporate some way of doing this easier.
Would be great if we sent a link to a client and there is a form per page for text and a google drive image attachment where all there images can go into - we when we log on, every user has a file with their info in.

Google Docs is an alternative to web forms with more flexibility.

Like with your web forms, create sections that your clients can fill in with website content. Break things down so they don’t skip over important details such as headings, subheadings, and calls-to-action.

Unlike web forms, clients can also fill out additional information if they want. This flexibility can pose a separate problem if clients get a bit too creative and start asking questions and adding instructions for you inside their content.

Another benefit of Google Docs is that it allows you to communicate back and forth with comments and suggestions for your clients. It also tracks version history so you can go back when needed.

The most important thing is to be clear about it from te start. So there is no confusion and the clients gets a feel of guidance from the start. Guidance is important and give the client a starting point.

If that’s make any sense for you. Just do it, implement it and test it out. Improvement can always be done after you started.

I use this privacy friendly german solution:
With the tool my customers send me their files.

I haven’t used it myself but looked briefly at Wetransfer Pro a while back, which looked fairly capable and user friendly

This is something I also need to streamline somewhat as a process.

@Flashman, I been using the free version of WeTransfer for a few years now and never run into any problems - the file size limit would be enough for most web work.
If a client had Dropbox, I also use that and sync with them.

I have also used the free version for years, however there is a one week limit on transfers before they are deleted and it’s annoying at times when they don’t download things.

The pro version is apparently much more flexible with no time limits and other features that make the overall impression somewhat better, plus it would be branded to your company. I haven’t tried it though so I couldn’t honestly say it is a must have solution.