Reservation form

Hello everybody,

I’m working on a website with a simple booking system.
I tried to find something that is free and not an industrial huge solution (it’s for 2 rooms so far, maybe a bit more in the future but nothing big).
So, I found this
And put it like that on the webpage
(go down to the “Room Reservation” part).
The thing is that I’d like the button “submit” to send directly the email where I want without the redirection I have now.
Also, I’d like to change the button but I don’t know how to do.
As I don’t know how to code I’m pretty lost when I look at it.

Somebody can help me on it or maybe have a better solution?


Try jotform. Used it on quite a few projects. Easy to set up, easy to implement.

For such a simple form, why not use Blocs?

But if that’s not your cup of tea, Jotforms, WuFoo etc. are valid no doubt, but I personally recommend MailChimp for forms, bulk mails, transactional emails, etc.

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You are right that I mainly can do it only with Blocs, but I love the popup calendar style, much more than a date you have to write down.
That’s my main reason.
I’ll have a look on MailChimp as I don’t know how it work so far.
Thanks for the advice.

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I’ll have a look. Thanks.