RESOLVED: How to center a container's content

Hi to all,

Topic is not very clear, I agree.

I have used the HTML widget in order to have images with animated hover effects. I have included the CSS file in the page settings.

It works fine apart from the fact that I would like to center the content in each respective bloc but I cannot figure how ? Which class to use for instance - Grid, Container or Bloc----. Can anyone help ?

You can see the test site here :


Many thanks in advance for any help.


Hi @pmweb

You could try adding a width callout to class grid & maybe try 80%
Not sure how that will look in other device widths, but that should give you a starting point.

Have fun.


Thanks for your help. Actually the issue was residing on another class. Thus its now being centred properly however a slight offset between the two images. I’ll continue to explore the issue. Cheers

Just found the culprit. A padding on the grid… LOL