Responsive Background Video for Andriod/iPhones


When a Background Video is accessed with a Tablet or Smartphone does the video play?
Do you need to make several size videos? One for Flat Screen, One for Tablet and One for Smartphones? What format work best?


Video backgrounds don’t play on mobile and tablet. The effect used to do is blocked by the mobile browser as it causes high battery usage. There are hacks but they can be unreliable.


I’m setting up my first site and knowing that videos don’t play on tablets and mobile devices, what I’m doing is enabling a background image just for mobile & tablets, and video only for “desktop” viewing. I haven’t tested that yet as I’ve yet to launch my site, but that’s what I’m doing (hope it helps).


Thank you Norm. :slight_smile:


Very cool of you to respond. :slight_smile: I would assume Blocs has those choices or did you edit the code?