Responsive hero image

I have a full width banner w/in a structure bloc.

Is there a way of making that image responsive?


What do you mean ‘responsive’?

You can add a custom class to this image, and then set it to have any padding you want on all 4 breakpoints.

@Eldar When it scales appropriately based on viewpoint.

See here and toggle full width: (Don’t run in here, go to the site)

Use the browser window to adjust

Ok, Do you want to use it as a background or just as an image background?

Just a full width header image, maybe around 450px tall. No text, etc. will be placed on top. So just an image background I guess.

Thanks @Eldar




Thanks so much @Eldar.

Appreciate the video demo! I think my issue was trying to put an image in the bloc itself as a background.