Responsive Hero Video with Auto Play and Hyperlink - SOLVED

What would be the most efficient way to achieve a responsive Hero video Gallie playing audio?
What would be cool if after a set time the video sends the user to a link Crystal Skies to purchase or download the music.
Is this possible? Please get back to me as soon as possible. I appreciate anyones help. :grinning:

I found, (jquery) and I added the js in Blocs. Exported the files, uploaded them to the server. results
As you can see I did something wrong. I’m not a coder but trying to learn.
Question… does the HTML, CSS or any other file need added code?

Hi @KBConcepts

The results link does not function.


Frustrating @MDS … somehow I added an extra http://

Hello KB, try this, is it what you want?

Look at the top right corner at 12 seconds!!!

Thanks @Pealco
That’s pretty cool. I was hoping to have this video responsive with auto-play. Once the video stop playing have it automatically go to the hyperlink to download or purchase.

So the video is ok, but you want that when the video finish automatically go/open to link that’s on the top? is that it?
But still leave the link on the top right or remove it?
What do you mean by responsive? In my browsers they open automatically, except in iOS and Mac they not allow to automatically play videos with sound, they have to be muted to be auto play. Or else you have to push the play button.

So cool of you to respond @Pealco :smile:
Yes, if possible to automatically go to the link.
I could leave the link but would prefer it not being there.
I didn’t kow there was no Auto-Play in iOS and MAC. Since there no Auto-Play from what you said they will get the Play Buttom. That’s good.
I would like the video to be FullScreen (Hero) on all device, which it what I term responsive.

Hello @KBConcepts,

you can add a direkt after X seconds using this javascript in a html bric.


    // Move to a new location or you can do something else
    window.location.href = "";

}, 5000);

The 5000 here are 5000 milliseconds, so 5 seconds. Adapt it to your needs.

@webplus now that is really cool! Thanks for your input. :grinning:

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@KBConcepts there is auto-play but only if you put the video in mute position in the beginning.
Or else it will not auto-play.

About the full screen, the video was created with Hype, and I just put it on the page for demo, but you can make a full screen with that frame, I guess.

@Norm can you please confirm that we can import a HYPE exported project to a full screen in blocs? Or probably @hendon52 can help.

About the automatic redirect, that can be used in the HYPE project as well, when the video ends, it will jump to a different url.

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Thanks for your insights. I did not know about Hype and will look into that. I hope it’s not complicated. :slight_smile: