Responsive home page video with text over it


I have searched for a solution to this and read a lot of posts but am still in need of help. We want a video playing in the background on the home page of our website. No problem, right? If it’s as a background it’s not responsive, so putting it in a video bric works for responsiveness. However, we also want TEXT and a button over the video while it’s playing (on autoplay). Tried the solution offered… text in a bric below, using a negative margin to have it move where it’s supposed to be at each breakpoint. Looked GREAT in blocs at the four breakpoints. However, once viewed in the browser, the text moves too high, etc, while resizing the browser window until it gets to the exact breakpoint. So this will not work.

We are about ready to just default to a static photo, which is sad. :frowning:

We also tried putting the text ON the video which was fine (although looked rather large at certain breakpoints), but this is not ideal and we still had the problem of not being able to have a button on the home page overlaying the video with the text.

Any help would be really appreciated! Thanks very much.