Responsive mode when Building

It seems we are missing a breakpoint . When I am building a site the largest mode breakpoint I get is it looks to be a large laptop. I cannot get the breakpoints any bigger due to the layers box on the left hand side. Can I disable this? Otherwise I have no way of seeing what it looks like on a bigger screen. Only in preview do I get to see the larger screen but I have no other way to edit this. I have entered full screen but that doesn’t help either. Please advise on what you are doing on larger screens or if i can hide the layers sidebar to make the screen larger Thanks

This sounds an awful lot like another request for an XL breakpoint.

Use the zoom.

Having another breakpoint, wouldn’t address the lack of space in app when designing on a laptop. It would in fact make the issue worse.

You are talking about the lack of space in design mode when using Blocs here, not the actual structural characteristics of the site and how it looks once you export it.


Let me explain. When in editing mode everything is great however when I go to preview my screen is larger than the actual building mode. So everything I see in preview mode doesn’t look the same , Mainly this is when you stretch rows. It is stretched out text does’t line up in certain areas and there is no mode in the developer side that I can adjust this. Zoom just makes it larger or smaller and doesn’t change the breakpoint of what shows in my preview. I never had a problem on blocs 2.0 so I think we need to be able to hide the layers side menu which would stretch out the developer screen to reflect preview… I have this issue on 27 imac and 15 "macbook.

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Actually I see this on my Mac Pro as well with a 32" screen. Sometimes I think it all looks good in edit mode then it’s completely different when previewed. This is often the case with header images inside a hero bloc, so it’s all become a bit more hit and miss.