Responsive Panel with head


I have developed a simple page with 4 panels with heads. Please check first attachment 1, everything looks fine.

When I view the same page on an iPad portrait or landscape, depending in the size of the iPad, the text goes beyond the borders and it is ugly. Please check second attachment.

Can anyone please help me to find a way to dynamically resize the text or the panel in order to keep the text in the panel?

I have tried everything but nothing.

Thanks a a lot,

Hi @dcaccount

Here’s one way to make it.

I rely quite a lot on the developer tools to find out classes elements already have.
It’s great to find out how things are set up, and you can edit directly in the browser and see what changes what and how different settings will look like.
It’s all done in the browser so as soon as you refresh a page everything is back to normal.

Cheers :nerd_face:


Right now I’ve been opening Blocs projects in Pinegrow in order to how everything is hooked up. Do the Blocs dev tools show the same thing? Ah…just watched your video and see you are using Safari tools. But you have to go back and forth between Safari and Blocs correct?
And what’s the difference between the device views in Solis vs Pinegrow?
Maybe Pinegrow is not necessary for that detail. If you know…thx.

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That tutorial was just one way to do it and I also wanted to take a peak into how to use the dev tools in Safari to easilly dive into pages and find out how things work.

You could of course have made the same thing from scratch with your own divs and classes without the Safari dev tools.

The Safari dev tools is such a good tutor, when you find an interesting page just dissect it and tweak things direct in the browser just to see what does what.

I have no experience with Pinegrow, it looks like a very good program, but I prefer the quicker more visual approach of Blocs for smaller projects, and only do a few small projects a year.
I’ve tested Solis, it’s fantastic but I don’t have multiple monitors and I’m so used to edit -> reload and check -> back to edit… so I’ve not gone Solis yet.

Cheers :nerd_face:

Yes…that makes sense. I like Blocs too. We are bouncing around between apps seeing which one suits us. So far Blocs is cool because it has
good code
Easy to use
You dive in deeper if you want
Again most important aside from the aforementioned …Norris and the people here like yourself are very helpful, considerate…nice manners😀