Right-click for bold, etc

I’m running Blocs v3.0.7. When I select several words then right-click to turn them bold, or strike-through, the number of words selected goes down to one. You cannot do more than one word at a time. Is anyone else seeing this please? @Norm?

You know I had the same issue. I thought it was me. Also when selecting a group of words the type selector often disappears. I thought I’d leave this up @Norm o fix it.

Hey, why don’t you just use keyboard shortcuts or the icons from the small toolbar up top? I just use shortcuts like Command + B, etc.

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Thanks, Eldar and KBC. Both of Eldar’s workarounds work.

I used keyboard shortcuts extensively when I worked on Macs but my current day job involves Windows and the shortcuts across programs are so inconsistent that I don’t bother learning them.

Incidentally, is there a keyboard shortcut for strikeout? I’m using it a fair bit to mark links to documents that aren’t yet ready. I’ve tried shift-cmd-T and shift-cmd-X but no luck.

Also various tests show that getting the mini-menu to show isn’t consistent. I can do it with the first two words at the start of a sentence, but not if I highlight text beyond that. @Norm.