Rock'n'Roll band

I just got Eldars music template and made this site for my friends band. Currently recording a new album in my studio (recording engineer is my “real” profession). It’s not done yet, I will add more stuff to it. An album page for each album, with song listings, or if I can add Spotify html maybe…and some kind of news area.

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Hello @Ken Nice work,
Just one thing, when you choose the tab contact, it appears like pressed both tabs, the contact and webshop , but other then that is very good.

Refreshments of the Banditos song? Love that song…

@ Pealco, Yep, had the wrong active state on that one, thanks!

@ biggreywebboy, No, that the US Refreshments, I like those guys also, they are no longer a band though. This is the Swedish band, they been together since 1989. Old time rock’n’roll.

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