Rookie question - change color of text?

Greetings, I’m kind of a rookie, so im sure this question is stupid… but

how do you change the color of the text in a menu? i want a consistant menu of “buttons” across the top of the site, with a maroon background and white letters, with each button having a rollover of black letters with a white square.

i can get everything to work EXCEPT change the color of the text to white over the maroon background. I’m sure its simple, but im too stupid to trip over the solution so far. Help?

Something like this you mean:
Kapture 2021-10-09 at 07.56.50

I’ve been looking at this recently but couldn’t figure it out. Not maroon but the white to black

Hi all. Here’s the file to get you started:
My Fancy Navbar.bloc (714.9 KB)

You legend! Thank you

yes! exactly! awesome! thanks for the help!

i do have one question, i actually tried doing it like that in the class editor, and while in the class editor the color of the background would change for me from normal to hover, the size and font of the text would also change, but no matter what i did it would NOT change or affect in any way the text color. Is there a magic button i’ve missed somewhere?

You got the file. I can’t make it easier.

hello sfsoter71…sounds like you would do well by checking out some basic training courses by @Eldar at

Your questions are very basic, but do take time to learn, and to explain (note @Jerry generous video above & file).

Once you see it done in the available courses, it will be easy moving forward. Best!