Rounded cards

I’m quite new to blocs app, so might be an easy question…
Is there any possibility to built a rounded CARDS, that works well/stay rounded in every breakpoint?
thanks for help,


Hello Joanna,

Yes, just add a class to the card and add a radius to corners using custom class editor. Then, you can use the same class for all other cards you want to have the same design.



thanks @Eldar,

that’s what I actually was working on the whole afternoon.
but depending of my content/hight of the card I just can’t get it exactly rounded in each of breakpoints, or rather close to the limits of the breakpoints. & if I set up max height, then I just can’t get it exactly in the middle of the screen. am I doing sth wrong, or that’s just cheeky?



Hi Joanna,

Make sure you set the column with cards to be aligned to the center. Just select the column, and change the vertical alignment in the sidebar. As for horizontal alignment, you can set the left and right margins to be ‘auto’ for the class you have for the cards. Let me know if you are struggling with it, and I will come up with video or something about it.

P.S. I would do that right away, but now I am typing from my iPad, and can’t access Blocs from here.


Thanks @Eldar,

that helps, though I’m still struggling…
Again might be an easy answer as I’m a new user…
look at it:
its fine on full screen
& once u shrink it’s messed up…

Thanks a lot for your help,