ROW edge to edge

is it possible to do a ROW edge to edge, I mean the whole size of the screen. I know it works with a bloc really easy. I also know I can use to blocs, set one edge to edge and the other bloc normal.
But the problem is a want to have the same background image in both blocs. And that is not a seamless pattern or something else. So when I do one bloc and set the image and work with rows it works perfect, but one row I need edge to edge …
Any ideas for this ?

I was trying to find an answer to this same issue today. I was successful in resolving it, and saw no one has responded to your question, so here’s what worked for me:

With the row (containing your image) selected in the layer tree, look at the Inspector under Appearance and uncheck the box for “Include Gutters”.

Next, click on the image you’d like edge-to-edge so it’s selected, then right-click the image to bring up the submenu and select “Custom Classes” (it’s got an arrow to the right of it) then click on the class name to the right of that arrow. If it doesn’t already have a class, then one can be assigned in the Class section of the Navigator.

Now the Class Editor dialogue will appear. At the top under Dimensions, set the pixel width to the limit of the screen resolution you’re expecting most users to have, i.e. most people will be viewing the site at 1080p, so regardless of the width of your image in pixels, set this to 1920 px. If you think anyone might look at the site in 4K, then you could set this to 3840 px, but that’s not highly likely.

At the bottom of the Class Editor dialogue, under Position, set the Overflow drop-down menu to Inherit, and then hit the Done button at the bottom right. Now when you click the Play button on the Preview Controls at the upper right of the main Blocs window, you should see this image edge to edge regardless of the width of the browser window.

If this doesn’t work for some reason, or if this doesn’t answer your specific question, or if anyone reading this sees an error in this process, or knows of a better method, please reply.

Hi @BlocParty
thanks for your help