Row with 5 columns

Hi there,
is it possible to add a row with 5 columns?
I can only add a row with one, two, three, four and six.
Missing Five columns!

Thanks for tips

Blocsapp uses bootstrap and by default bootstrap does not support five column layouts.

Not so straightforward to create on without hacking. I’d be delighted to be proven wrong.


You could do it like this in Blocs.


wow, It’s a great idea.

That’s very nice, thanks for the share. But after numerous essays, I can’t get 5 identical columns. The right row with the 2 columns gives larger (subtle but…still larger) columns than the three ones. Any ideas?

Thank you

Hi @riven
I’m afraid that’s how things work in Bootstrap 3.
But BS4 is soon available in Blocs and then this will be easier.


great! that’s a greta news, looking forward to use it. Thanks Jakerlund