Running Blocs on Older Macs

I just purchased BLOCS and am excited to get started. Currently I’m using my iMac with System 10.15.3 which it works find. However I have an older MacBook Pro that is running Yosemite System 10.10 which BLOCS 3 cannot run on it. It there an older version that I could load onto my laptop to use incase I’m out somewhere with my laptop and need to make some changes to a website. Thanks so much.

As far as I know, once a project file is updated for Blocs 3, you can’t open it in Blocs 2. The differences between 2 and 3 are massive. Opening a Blocs 2 project in 3 will convert the project.

In addition to Malachiman’s point I think the oldest OS for Blocs 3 is Sierra. On Blocs 2 you should be OK with El Capitan, but not sure about Yosemite. That is really old at this point.