Safari - again

Has anyone noticed an issue with Safari where an attempt to reload a page (for example, after updating at the server) can result in a time out and a server not responding message? Once the message is displayed the page will then reload immediately without issue. Sometimes just clicking back to a page that has already been visited will set the whole chain off again. This doesn’t happen in Firefox or Chrome.

Any suggestions? Clearing the cache hasn’t helped.

Do you have any extensions installed?

Thanks for the quick response.

1password and whatfont. I’ve only just installed the latter, the issue was occurring before that.

Never had that before, but it sounds more like a server network issue than Blocs.

would that only affect Safari though?

That certainly shouldn’t be the case. Safari can be a little eccentric but I would not expect that as normal behaviour.

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Hello @sim, are you on Safari V14? I’ve noticed the same behaviour randomly since upgrading.

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Yes! V14.0. I’m glad it’s not only me.

If you have Safari 14 installed before the last Mojave update there is a known issue by Apple.
This might be the reason.

much appreciated