Same Text and Gallery on 2 sides

Dear all,

My name ist Detlef, I’m 57 years old, German and new with Blocs.

I’ve been startet with Blocs and create my first side with Blocs.
I have 2 pages:
Page 1 = home
Page 2 = Dropdown menu “Vacation” and in vacation the page 2017 Caribbean.

I have on page 1 only a picture.
On the second page Caribbean are text and also allot of pictures.
After 8 hours work today I checked the full side in the browser and saw that a part of my text with pictures from the caribbean page is also visible on the first page “home”.

Now I do not know what to can do anymore and I need your help please.

I hope you can help me.

Best regards

If you put something in the top or bottom global area, then these things are present on all pages.

Hi- This happened to me and I haven’t found a solution. Photos and text from second page transferred to my home page. Very frustrating. However, after taking a two day break from this project, I decided to start all over because the results are so messed up --pages look fine when I see the thumbnail view of them, but on export, everything is mixed up. Two things I might have done wrong- I saved the home page as a template and although I’m sure I changed the section names, for page 2 maybe the glitch occurred during this process. I also created separate sections (same photo and paragraph) but different styles for desktop and tablet. Although visibility is correct when previewing, on export it shows sections in duplicate and multiple buttons for each section (again I suspect a problem with the custom class sections). Sorry I don’t have an answer, just wanted to let you know you’re not the only one with this challenge.

And these were NOT put in the global section.

Thanks for your feedback,

I mean that I have not put the text in the top and/or bottom global area
but if I delete the hook from the from the page settings "bottom Global area then the text is not
visible on the page home.

Could be that you are right.

What can I do?

Best regards


have you tried to drag the items on the second page in the middle area which is not global?

After fiew days I started again and you are right. It was not in the global area. I have copied in the global area and now it works correctly.
Thank you all!!!

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