Save selected page


It’s not the end of the word, but let’s face it, we Blocs users largely do the same thing. We are working on a page in a multi-page Blocs document. We save. We close. Later we open that document. Sadly, the page we were working on does not open automatically, and instead our document opens main page.

My feature request should be fast and easy to implement. Please simply save the page that is open at the time of the document-save such that when we close and reopen the Blocs document, THAT page opens.

The end result will be no more wasted seconds hunting around for the page we’re building when we reopen our Blocs documents.

And that’s it.


Yes, +1. This is (in my opinion) indeed a suggestion that would bring Blocs for user handling capability without toil another step closer to perfection. :+1: