Saving a configured Bric as a favourite Bric

I’m just finally finding time to jump back into Blocs and excited to try out the new CSS Grid updates in the beta.

I can’t remember if this is possible, but can a Bric that you configure with content and Cass settings, be saved as a Custom Bric?

I want to create a CSS Grid container Bric and a Grid Item Bric with Flex enabled and centered content.

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Yes you can create custom blocs.

I don’t see a corresponding Custom Bric function, so am I correct in thinking there isn’t one?

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Try to make adjustments to your bric, and save it as a custom bloc, which can be reused later.


Thanks. I think this is the only current way to do it.

@Norm Can I add a Custom Bric function to the wish list? The reason being that I find myself having to repeat stuff over and over that slows build progress down and know that in the future when I haven’t used a bric configuration for a while, I will have to refresh my memory by attempting to build the Bric using the Class Manager. Some of this works fine with the Custom Blocs but then you would end up creating many Custom Blocs and remember where the “Custom Brics” are in which Custom Bloc.

A good example would be the new CSS Grid Container Div without visual controls and also a CSS Grid Item setup with Flex centered vert and horiz content. I know that going forward it will take a bit of head scratching to build this from scratch and test.

Custom brics already exist. Just the purpose is different to what you are expecting. Custom blocs is used for building up a library of reusables.