Saving custom classes for use in other projects?

I’ve created quite a lot of custom buttons via the classes Class Manager. I’d like to have these available to me on other projects. Possible?

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make a stylesheet and apply the classes as needed. You can attach them as a stylesheet or place them in an HTML Bric —or even a custom Bric!

This way, you can still use the class editor to make adjustments, but you have a styles you can use in any project.

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@Eldar this sounds like a good video to make for us. :smile:

I’ve started save blocs, it keeps the custom classes.

Which is also great for keeping a typography bloc and making it easy to setup a new design.

I start every new website using a draft project that evolves over time with small tweaks as needed. I already have base project settings sorted, as well as pages for about, copyright, contact and privacy. The idea is to have as much pre-configured as possible, so the start point is already well advanced.

To that end, I include pre-formatted header code for canonical data, Twitter Card and Facebook Opengraph. The contact form is set up for my client server, so I only need to change the receiving address and the privacy policy etc is done. Not only does all of this save hours, it also goes a long way towards avoiding errors or simply forgetting things.

There is no reason why you could not also include a page or more with your favourite solutions involving custom classes and set them not to export. When building a new website they are already on hand. At a certain point you will want to save the project with your chosen name, however it will still carry over everything you want.


something coming next year for this. It’s built and being tested in house right now, so it’s 100% happening.



Someone above mentioned making your own Brics. I’m talking about making Brics based on the button bric, just with custom classes etc, and the like. This is very interesting. If poss, can someone point me to some tutorials?

What does happen if you create a CSS class and don’t use it inside the project? Will it still be exported?

sure, some subclassing works that way.

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@Norm, so looking forward to the next version of Blocs. :wink: