Scandinavian letters

Hi again,

now I get finished my first site with Blocs. But scandinavian letters don’t work in menu items. If the menu item have any scandinavian letter that page will not be found when you are using the site on the browser!

Menu items with scandinavian letter works when I use Preview Browser command from Bloscapp, but not when the site is downloaded to the server.

Hi @peka

My Swedish ÅÄÖ work fine for me though.

Desktop view

Mobile view

Just a wild guess, could it have something to do with the font you are using?


god to know that å ä ö works. Now its only to find out the reason why those not work in my case.

“Tack Jakerlund, jag pratar också svenska och är från Finland”

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The problem comes with exporting the site. All the pagenames, where is scandinadian letters “ä ö å”, do not work, because Blocsapp don’t change the pagename as html valid. Html can’t understand files or pages where the scandinavian letter include.

I have before use Freeway Pro web editor and in this program there you can see the written Title of the page and the html file name, which the program uses.

@peka do you use åäö in the actual html filename?
Create the new page with the tasmaturismi name.
Then edit the menu name to be TÄSMÄTURISMI.
Then Blocs will export the page as tasmaturismi.html and you shouldn’t get the problem.

Exported site menu


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Thanks Jakerlund,
now I understand the workflow with the menu texts with “name” and “title”!



Thanks for taking to time to help others :pray:

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Well, now I have try to do according to instructions by Jakerlund. The next thing happened:

  1. I have one sub menu > in to this I could change the Pagename both in “name” and “title” as it must be.

  2. But in the main menu it did not work out! I can change text in pagename and title, but no scandinavian letter (ä) exist!

  3. I can’t even make a new page, or I can do new page, but it’s name don’t come up in the primary menu on nav area. But the name show yes in the menu manager.

Whats now?

– – –

I had chance the Menu Data Source to None when I placed Classes to Menu text. I removed all Classes from Menu text and change the data source to Primary Menu. And now everything was very easy to change menu text “name” and “title” as they must be.

Thanks for all the help. Such a battle is quite normal when you start using new software :wink: