Scroll Effect website.. just WOW

One of the really impressive website. May be Blocs V4 can do this type of scroll effects… :wink:


Err … you just …err … umm … you know …mmm …
No, don’t know. :crazy_face:


very well designed website…Is it possible to achieve scrolling with target navigation animation on blocs?

Start with this.


Hi @Whittfield this is a great tool. Thanks. The problem is the content of a fullscreen page doesn’t fit on iPad. Is it possible to turn of the snap scroll for tablets?

Sorry RME, I haven’t ever used this bric (yet). It’s one of @Norm, prehaps he can be more helpful.

@Whittfield thanks for the recommendation. I already have the ‘snap scroll’ but I am actually referring to the underline effect that apply to the navigation list while scrolling from the website. You scroll to a specific bloc on the page, and the navigation underline moves to the current navigation.

See it ‘livestream’ is underlined.

Can that effect be done one blocs?

Oh I see now @kwakukwaku,

For what it’s worth, how easily it can be done will depend a lot on how Scroll Snap was implemented. this sort of thing is doable with callbacks in JS. If it’s not baked in already, it would certainly make a nice addition to that code. I noticed a sidebar nav so it’s very possible that the code is there already to work from. I’ll take a look when I get a chance.

@Whittfield Yes I think it will be great addition to blocs in general not just for scroll snap bric. It will be a great bric by itself. I appreciate looking into it.