Scroll FX Extras not working in FF as in preview and other browsers

Hi all,
Wondering if anyone else, using the Scroll FX Extra bric, is experiencing the same thing I am.
For whatever reason, SFX-E doesn’t seem to work in FF as it does in the local preview and other browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Edge, and Opera. The behavior I’m seeing is that the anim appears correct in the local preview and the other browsers, except in FF. Before posting this issue here, I tried many things to see if the problem is due to my error, but so far I can replicate the issue consistently, regardless or settings, including default settings.

Basically when I set up a page and use the SFX-E bric, the animation appears as expected but in FF, the animation seems to play backwards - meaning it tends to fade out, not fade in, like in other browsers. Even if I clear all the cached data, exit and restart FF, it still happens.

Attached is a basic single page project using default blocks, in where I get the described results. Also I tried to attach a screen video of what I’m talking about, but the size limitation (5mb) doesn’t permit me to upload a video that shows the entire process from start to finish where I show how it works in all browsers but FF. So instead, I attached a clip that just shows what I see in FF.

If anyone out there that has the SFX-E bric could double check for me and verify that the aforementioned issue is real (or not) I would greatly appreciate it.

Miguel (36.1 KB) (4.8 MB)

Sounds like a question for @Whittfield who created the bric.

Hi @Whittfield, not sure if you’ve had a chance to read this post, but if not, could you take a look at this and verify one way or another? I’m currently working on a design in where I want to implement this effect but if it doesn’t behave the same as other browsers, then I can’t use it at all - which forces me to reconsider the design of the site. I appreciate you taking time to look into this.

Let me if I’m not clear on what the issues is.