Scroll or jump to traget

very hard to explain. I will do a single page with scroll to target buttons. ( for example about me / service and so on ) Also I would to have a sticky header … No Problem, works perfect.
But now I want to have a news section ( with pulsecms ) and when I click the news button I will come to a page called blog.
And know I have to create a new navigation bar that the client can get back to the one pager, because scroll to target doesn’t work, because I leave the homepage.
I think it was a good way to create exact the same navbar but with the buttons “navigate to url” and than I have done what @Eldar told me ( months ago - thanks Eldar :smile: )
I use for example ./home#service
Works, I come back to my page. But the sticky navbar is sometimes not there, only when you scroll a little bit …and the navbar ( when its there ) is always inside the bloc.
When I use “scroll to target” the navbar stop exactly above the bloc. But with the ./home# thing the navbar is inside the bloc :thinking:
Anyone an idea for this ?
Hard to explain, at the moment there is no site online. I have done a test example but it doesn’t work when its not online …I think …