Scroll to ID

Is it possible that the scroll to ID consider the height of the nav bar?

I use “Scroll to URL” and i put the ID in the URL field as “#ID” but it does not show H1, it only shows from P.

Layer tree looks like:


  • Container
    • Row
      • Column
        • H1 #ID
          • P

I need this same thing that shows here in wordpress (offset parameter) … but in BLOCS.

Sorry my english. Thank you.

'Scroll To Target’ is to a specific bloc on the same page.


If you want to target a bloc on another page you would us the bloc ID and the Navigate to URL


Sorry but I think you did not understand my question. I need the same thing that the video shows.

Scroll to ID = Scroll to H1 ID… (Not scroll to P because of the height of the nav bar)

ah, my apologies, yes I didn’t understand.

This is a bit above my experience level…but here’s my thought:

Use a Sticky Nav for the buttons, then try this: use a bloc, with a bloc ID for each SECTION you want to scroll to, by placing a H1 or H2 for the Section Heading and then add paragraph bric(s) below the Heading…and see if the ‘scroll to target’ will work for you…also, experiment with each bloc’s padding set to None or play with small or larger, or use padding for each paragraph bric and Heading Text to get the Sections to be separated like the video.

Hope that helps

+1 for the offset option. That would tie up a few anomalies.

Scrollto has offset built in for sticky navs but basic anchors do not. I’m not sure it’s possible to offset on basic anchor links.


Thanks Norm, though the lingo is a bit beyond my comprehension. By offset do you mean vertical or horizontal offset? IF you mean vertical, then I suppose this means you can control the landing point for the top edge of the scroll to function? What’s a basic anchor??

btw…how do you make a sticky nav? Can’t find instructions in the documents or a complete explanation in the forum…Tx.

My problem is that I can not use different blocs because I use the scroll to ID to move in the mobile view (in the desktop view are 2 columns in horizontal layout within the same block)

Then I understand that there is no way to do what I want

Thank you very much to all

HI - Sorry this exact design doesn’t seem feasible.

I’m wondering, however, if you could use he Tab bric to achieve something similar for your purposes. It wouldn’t be a scroll action, but a pane change when using the trigger, and it can scale to smaller devices with some effort.

Rem – If I understand correctly, a mobile view with horizontally offset triggers and the scrolling sections like in the video would probably not fit in the available screen space on a small device, even if you could do it, especially in portrait orientation.

To demonstrate what I was suggesting, I mocked this up in 5 mins, using the Sticky Nav (which I found in the sidebar when the Navbar layer was selected) and checked the ‘Include Content Area’ checkbox to add a div to place ‘labels’ for the scroll to triggers for each section, which are each in separate Blocs w/ IDs used in the Scroll To interaction. (each bloc background is colored for visual clarity). You could even turn off the top navigation link for this page ‘Home’ by unchecking the ‘Include Navigation’ checkbox when the Navbar layer is selected…

Perhaps this could fit into what you’re wanting to achieve, albeit somewhat differently…

No. I do not give what I need :frowning: but thanks

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