"Scroll To" stops in different spots depending on device

Hi Brains Trust,

Using “Scroll To” in menu items. The scrolling stops at different spots depending on which device you’re using. If I set the target to the ‘correct’ bloc, it will stop just before the intended target on desktop and tablet, but right on mobile…

Can get it to work on desktop by targeting a lower bloc, but then it’s no good on mobile…

Please help me get it working on all devices.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve noticed this effect too in my one page menu layouts. If I re-click the the scroll-to menu link a 2nd time, it usually moves closer to the requested anchor point. This situation occurs on both desktop and mobile for me and using both Safari & Firefox browsers.

do you have any blocs that have a custom class with (-) negative margin/padding, or a bric in the bloc with (-) padding/margin? I’ve had this frustrating issue arise, and discovered it caused issues, especially on the mobile devices.

No negative padding or margins …

From memory I vaguely remember something about minification causing this. Maybe experiment a bit in your export settings.

Hi @Malachiman,

Turning off minify or cache bust didn’t seem to make a difference, but turning off lazy load did seem to correct my problem for both desktop and mobile. Now my affected menu links go directly to exact anchor point every time. Hope this works for others too.

Thanks so much for pointing me in this direction. :slight_smile:



Oh right. That’s what it was! Awesome.

Now I’m jealous, because that doesn’t work for me … :sob::sob::sob:

Hi @adamofoz,

If koalarescue.com.au is your site, it looks like your menu links are not working well as Scroll to Target links in mobile view. I did a quick look at your page in the Safari Web Inspector and it seems that the current menu links may have a problem using Scroll to Target.

If you’re needing to get the web site to work quickly, perhaps try changing the menu links temporarily to use Navigate to URL and enter text following colons below for the applicable menu items. Appended to your domain name, these URLs seemed to work for me to go to correct anchor point for each item in mobile as well as desktop.

Donate: /#bloc-27
About Us: /#bloc-32
About Koalas: /#bloc-34
Contact: /#bloc-47

Btw, I noticed many of your section blocs seemed to be in the footer section instead of the main section of page. Not sure if that would cause any link problems. Also, the Contact menu item seemed to have an incorrect bloc id, even though it did seem to link to the correct area.

Do you think it might be worth trying to rebuild your web page again recreating blocs and web links to see if works better?

I’m not that knowledgable about the coding issues, but this is what I found.

Hope it helps.


yes, I recall this was one of the causes I ran into as well…good catch!