"Scroll to target" epic trouble ))

Hi, guys! Many blocs users suggest to create separate blocs to be visible at mobile devices only. Ok )) But tell me. If I want to use “scroll to target” feature at main menu, I can do it only for one bloc. But I have 2 identical blocs: the first - for desktops and the second - for mobiles. Emm… Houston we have a problem ))


Create 3 blocs:

  • title bloc (reduce the padding and make it thin)
  • content bloc desktop
  • content bloc mobile

Link the ‘scroll to target’ to the ‘title bloc’.

On mobile it will show title bloc+content bloc mobile, on the desktop it will show title bloc+content bloc desktop.

Will it solve your problem?


Eldar, you know… It’s a good idea ))

How do you make them in to 1 export or does this then make it 3 different exports?

If I understand what you’re looking at, it will be 1 exported and hosted site, with visibility depend and on breakpoints, i.e. Phone size, tablet, etc.
I use this so a parallax full screen image on desktop doesn’t scale badly on iOS due to the lack of parallax on a phone or tablet. I simply switches to a different version of the same photo.
Look at island unit image 1/2 way done page, then narrow the window and it changes.
1 file, 1 export, 0 problems.

By using “visibility” the content still resides and remains on the same page it’s just not visible depending on how you determine it’s visibility across breakpoints. So when you export its all in one HTML file, but at different breakpoints (screen sizes) the visibility changes based upon your defined settings, hiding and showing the desired content as needed.

See here to learn more on those things:

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