Scroll to target - id does not show up

I have been pulling my hair out in frustration in trying to get a button to scroll to a target on the same page. I added IDs to several blocs but none of them show up in the ‘Target ID’ dropdown…only default ones.

Is this is bug? If not, can someone tell me why this is not working? It’s driving me batty and preventing me from finishing my web site.



you can use “Navigate to URL” and put the ID there with a # before the ID name.


Scroll to will only show ids on the current page.

Yes…that’s why I said ‘sroll to target on the same page’ in my original post. I assigned IDs to those blocs and they do not show up in the dropdown for Target IDs…this seems like a bug.

Navigate to URL works…whereas scroll to target does not - I believe - because of a bug. I created a bloc and gave it an ID: bloc-101. When I use #bloc-101 in a Navigate to URL operation as shown in the previous image it works like a charm. When I select ‘Scroll to Target’ the Target ID dropdown does not show bloc-101 as a valid target. It is not shown at all.

Is that a bug or am I missing something?

@Norm, I have the same behaviour. @paulcbrady Yes, I think this is a bug.

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Should I put a bug in or is there a bug report already reported on this?

Works fine here.
Are you sure the target is a bloc, and not a row or other item?

Is the scroll to being used on a nav link in the global area?

Yes, you are right. The target was not a bloc. @Norm, sorry, so this is not a bug.

@webplus Don’t worry.
Happened to me too when I started with Blocs.