Scroll to target in another page

on the top global area of the Home page, I have put a text link FAQ to a Target on the same page. The global area is also on top of the other pages.

The problem I have is that when clicking on FAQ link from another page, nothing happens because on that page there is no the Target of the FAQ (it is on the Home page).

How can I solve this?

Hi @dcaccount

Lets say you have a page called About (about.html) and on that page you have a FAQ section.
You give the FAQ bloc an ID name (faq).
Then set the menu to go to url and put in the name of the page + ID name. (about.html#faq)
You must preview in browser for it to work.
But it will go to that page and ID no matter what page you’re on.

Here’s a super quick demo.

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I followed the video, but it still does not work.
I’ve Blocs 2.5.0

I used 2.5.0 to. :thinking:

It goes to the link but with no scroll effect. You can’t do that in blocs directly. You need Jquery

This is a problem of having global navigation that won’t work across multiple pages if any of the links use scrolling.

So if you have “home” and “info” as pages and “home” has a bloc with an id of “services”, then on home you can set a navigation link to scroll to #services and it will work. The same navigation area when used on “info” will have a link that fails because you cannot scroll across pages.

It’s a weakness/fault in the handling of links in global areas.

Jakerlund from the video does not seem to have added anything

@drosario No it just goes to the page and ID.

I personally would go nuts if every link I click animates/scrolls the page.
Ok on the same page but not to some ID/section further down on another page.

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forgive me, but I can not, would an example file be possible?

Hi @drosario

I’m sorry for the very late reply.

If you already haven’t solved it.
I’ve attached an simple example file.

Cheers :sunglasses:

Go-To-ID.bloc (394.2 KB)

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