Scroll to target issue :(

Hi there, first post and almost giving up :sweat:

I am trying to make a simple scroll to target, but the only options that are presented are “Bottom of page” and “Top of page”. Shouldn’t appear there the ID’s of my blocks as well? Why is this not working as it should?

Any help is welcomed.

The interactions will show IDs for Blocs that are located on current page. You can’t scroll to a bloc on another page just incase you have it in your main menu.

What does that mean? Why not?

David, the menu manager doesn’t show id’s as a possible target (it should).

See the attached - it’s how I manage to target ids.


You can’t scroll to a target on another page as you can’t invoke a js fuction from another page. What you are referring to is an anchor tag, no scroll involved it just snaps to that part of the page rather than scroll to it. I’ll be working on allowing anchoring in app and adding scrollto in menu manager with anchoring fallback When ids are not on page, later in the year.

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That’s good news. I use anchors in SoftPress Freeway quite a lot.

Didn’t we all? :wink:

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No “past tense” for me. I am still using Freeway Pro 7.x, albeit now gravitating toward Blocs for the Responsive design feature set.

Consider this page in my Freeway-generated site:

Click on FAQ in the menu and choose something toward the bottom. An anchor jumps you not only to a different page, but to a specific location on that page.

The power of anchors! :slight_smile:

You can do this with Pauland’s trick.