Scroll to target limitation issue - SOLVED

Hello! Im having a problem with a website Im building! I have the home page and on the page I have a bloc for about and a bloc for contact. So at home everything works fine when on menu I press the about button or contact but why I cant for example if Im on a different page when pressing the about button go back to my about bloc?? I don’t want to create an “about page” or “contact page”
You can check here what I mean
What to do??

Hello @Stewie_Griffin.
I make a small video to explain how you can do it…

Hope it will help you…

Hi! Thanks for the video! But my problem is the contact is on my home page and if I swap for a different page, for example artists when you press contact or about I cant send it back to the bloc when I sent the contact from! Check the website you will see what I mean

@Norm any way I can make this?

There is a way, that I use, but have a glitch, and probably someone can have a solution.
You create the page with your scroll to #something in the link.
Then in Brackets or any html editor you can change in the NON INDEX pages the links.
So where you see for exemple:
<a href="#" class="nav-link a-btn" data-scroll-speed="1000" onclick="scrollToTarget('#contact',this)">Contact</a>
Change to:
<a href="index.html#contact" class="nav-link a-btn ">Contact</a>

And it will work, but…
Then your page will load and it will lose the fixing point after a while.

I saw an explanation in this link but didn’t find a solution in blocs to solve it.

let’s ask @casey1823 he probably knows!

Nope, I’m not a coder. Probably @MDS could help.


I had kinda the same issue, but not in the menus.
But try this: in the menu manager, try to set contact and about to “navigate to url” then in the url field set the page URL and the bloc ID like this: index.html#bloc-42

But check the correct Bloc ID on your Contact and About Blocs , the example is from my site.

Edit: Just looked at Pealcos video, it’s exactly like that except change “scroll to target” to “navigate to url” and insert the example above with the correct Bloc ID


It works! Thank you so much :grinning:

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Hi Ken! I wanted to ask you something why this trick doesn’t work when exporting clean plages url’s? Im trying to remove the .html from the pages but I’m getting this on the browser on nothing happens.
Any idea?

trying to view your page but I’m only seeing the gears turning!

Im uploading it again but without the clean page option