Scroll to target option for menu

Is it possible to scroll to target from menu? Or this option is only for the button?

This knowledge base post should help you out.

There is a new interaction called Jump To which is scheduled for release with Blocs 2.5, it will let you jump to any section of any page.


Err… Jump ≠ Scroll … :wink:

If your going to a section on another page, I’d describe that as jumping :wink:

But in all seriousness it is an odd one regarding naming. To me, scrolling makes me think of scrolling the browser visually with a scrolling animation, so if I use a scrollTo I actually want it to scroll the website in front of me. Clicking a link and just going directly to a section has no visual scrolling involved so it feels more like a jump.


Yes, I agree. My mind was thinking OP asks about scrolling and Norm talks about jumping. You were, of xourse, talking about an additional facility to complement scrolling.

Where’s that post delete button?..

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