Scroll To Target - Where is it?

Hi guys,

I have the lost the scroll to target functionality.

It was in Interactions but now when I open the the Menu Manager I can’t find it again.

Can someone give me a pointer?



You have to click on something (menu item, image, button) and then chose interations in the sidebar. Click on it and the dropdown with choices will come up.


Menu manager doesn’t currently support the scroll-to interaction, it can only be used directly on page items as it cant be used globally across the site. If you need it in a nav for a single page read this:

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Thanks chaps, I’ll have a look.

@norm You can do it via hashtags, etc., see here:

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How do you add a target area? When I give a ‘bloc’ a ID, it doesnt add to the menu where you can choose where the button should scroll to.

@bojan23 you can only scroll to targets on the same page, are you trying to link to another page and scroll?

To clarify, if I have a page with 9 brics and I want my drop down menu items to link to each individual bric (scroll to target), that will only function if I’m already on that page? For example, if I’m on my FAQ page and I click on my INFO page I get a drop down, but when I click on any of the items in the drop down it won’t take me anywhere unless I click on those links/items from the INFO page which contains those sections. Is this correct or is there a work around? I don’t want to create 30 different pages just to allow users to navigate directly to that bric/section.

Is it possible to scroll to brics? It looks like to you can only scroll to blocs…?