Scroll to top arrow destination

Hi friends! Is there a way to change the destination for the Scroll to top arrow? I would like it to go to the bloc just below the top bloc instead.



No, but you can make one and set the interaction to scroll to an ID. You can do this with an icon if you wanted too and fix it to the viewport with CSS. Make sure you disable the built in one, when you do this though.

Thnaks for the input! How do fix it with CSS? And what is the viewport? This might be beyond my skills!

Hi @Nanoq. I posted a sample Blocs file on how to do this not long ago:

This made me think of something interesting. Is there a way to scroll down to the bottom of the page into the global footer area and have it automatically transfer to the top?

Thank you Jerry! This seem to be to complicated for me to recreate on my own. I wish there was a way to copy your ingenious button into my project!

What about copy/paste? :thinking: I can’t make it easier for you. Copy/paste 5 lines of script into the page footer and the rest is just made with Blocs.

Haha! That’s fantastic! I just assumed Blocs wouldn’t allow copy/paste! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I will try this after the kids gone to bed!

I found the code window and copied the lines from there and pasted it into my projects footer. But your beautiful button does not show. Do I make a button into the footer myself?