Scrollable tour date box - can it be done in Blocs?

Dear all,

I’d like to implement something like this:

On this one-pager, there is a scrollable (and search-able) box with tour dates for this stand up comedian. Could something similar be done in Blocs? The search function is not so important, but I do find the box rather elegant.

Also, the hamburger menu with links to targets on the page – I know this should be no problem in Blocs, but I haven’t figured out how to do this. I start from a »hero« bloc …

Thanks for your ideas!



it seems to me that the tour dates box is done with a HTML bric and inside the HTML bric is an external page (so it functions like a iFrame).
I have something similar on my website: . Out agenda (tour-dates) are generated form our booking-software and is in a box also

Mattheus is spot on. Just create an iframe in an HTML bric and point it to the page of your site containing the tour dates.