Scrutiny 9 flags "missing link url" on all Blocs "Toggle display" links

Here’s a screenshot:

Scrutiny reports these “bad links” as URL = #, which is flagging all my navigation menu items that are “Toggle visibility”:


You can see how my navigation menu works on my website here.

Technically, nothing is broken and I don’t know of any other way to design my menus in Blocs, so I assume Scrutiny is just flagging all these URLs in error?

Try turning off the option highlighted in red.



BTW, I am still on my trial. I spotted your old post that mentioned Scrutiny for only $8 as a part of a bundle. Sure beats the retail price, but I’ve not seen another bundle price like that since.

I started off with Robotize, then Integrity Plus, before the Pro version, which is a pretty good app and probably enough for many. When I saw the bundle deal on Scrutiny it was too good to ignore so I went for it without even trying the demo and I had really underestimated how much Scrutiny can do.

I know it’s not a cheap $10 app, but to put it in perspective the main competition costs more each year and the developer of Scrutiny is top notch. I brought something to her attention on Wednesday night and by Thursday night an update was released with changes.

If you are working on websites for your business or as a web developer for others it’s a pretty essential tool and uncovers a lot of mistakes. You might find Integrity Pro quite adequate though and it’s less than half the price.


That looks interesting. I haven’t see this app before.

They have a deals page, which expires soon. Blocs is even on there

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I’m too poor for US$92 these days. US$8 was more in line with my hopes. :frowning:

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Yeah, the exchange rate for NZ makes these things even more expensive for me here. Its $145 for me :wink:

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Integrity Plus is only $12 on that link. It checks your links, prepares detailed sitemaps and a couple other things. Dare I say it an investment in one of these apps would almost certainly help your online sales and quickly cover the initial costs.

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