Search FYI

Being a non programmer I rely on this forum and other sources to learn how to develop my site. If you are looking for help on an issue and do not see it searching the community site don’t give up.

Awhile back I read about a before and after type photo display but i could not recall where I saw it. Typing ‘before and after’ into the community search box yielded a no results message.

So I posted a query and got an immediate reply/link from @hendon52. His post was exactly what I read “awhile back”. Thank you.

After reading his post I did a search for the same string and got no results and I also tried just the word before and the word after.



I do not understand your question very well
I do not know if you are trying to locate this: Before / After image view slider?
or this:

I think it was a tip that overcomes some of the quirks in the search on the forum.