Sorry if this is straightforward - I am pretty new to Blocs.

Is there a way to add a search function that searches the text of a 1 page site?

I found the search engine function that is a Bric, that can be purchased in the Blocs store - but it doesn’t search content like that.

Is this what you you are looking for?

No, thank you though. I need a search engine I can insert into the top of a page, for anyone to search who is using the site.

The client asked for a 1 page site with a lot of content - and a search engine at the top.

There are two search Brics

I tried to use those and they didnt work - I’m not sure why. I tried both of them and got “no search results”.

The “Site Search” one has an FAQ attached and it looks like it doesnt search the current page. Also, I pulled directly from the FAQ:

Does site search scan all of the content on each page to find results?

A. No. Site search is intended as a lightweight, fast and efficient search solution. The
results for pages are filtered by the page name and keywords that are entered into a
pages keyword SEO settings.

So maybe it (and the other search option) do not search anything but the page name and keywords associated with the page - which won’t work for my purposes.

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That’s strange, there was this one and then this one

I have never used either of these, so I cannot tell you a great deal about how they work in practice. It wouldn’t be my first choice, but you could probably install Google search on the website.

@JLK no these 2 search brics do not search the site content. It‘s why they are also useless for me. But there exists somewhere in the forum a post how to add it manually.

From @Jakerlund