See how visitors use your website

Hi all,

I’ve been using the new Statcounter Replays for a few days to see how visitors to my websites actually use the sites. It has been quite useful so far. I believe there is a free trial if anyone would find this of interest.

Here’s the blog post


thanks @DaveC
that‘s very interesting!
I’m not sure about the installation process on Blocs. Is it as easy as copy/pasting the provided code into the project header and ready to go?

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yes. :grin:

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thanks Jerry, I’ll give it a try :wink:

Pretty awesome :smiley: Easy installing, very nice and detailed analysis!
Now only the tool should also be able to do the optimizations automatically :joy: :joy:
I really love analytic tools, but when I startet using them, I wasn’t aware the real work begins afterwords. In my eyes someone who can draw the right conclusions out of it, is like a Magician :mage:

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This little feature has really opened up my eyes to how visitors use our websites.

I’m certainly not a website ‘designer’ by any stretch, but it’s pretty obvious that site visitors don’t think or behave like us creators do. To the point where I often find myself saying to the screen ‘the button is right there’ or ‘look to the right’ whilst watching the recordings of their actions.

If there’s more than a few lines of text, they’ll not read it and assume they know what it says. If there’s not a button the size of a planet, they will not press it. If there’s too many buttons, it causes confusion. If in doubt have video explaining the meaning of everything on your site, some may actually watch and learn lol

Oh, and if there’s the slightest delay in an element loading… the site is broken… got to love some people.

Overall an excellent insight into user interactions.