Seite redesign for a furniture manufacturer using Blocs

Slowly but surely things are coming together:

#built with blocs #blocs_rocks !!!


Great work, Gary!


Very Nice @gary,

I don’t know German, but can you please explain this page, and how you achieved that “form?”

Grossartige Seite, tolle Farben und ein stimmiges Gesamtbild. Well done :slight_smile:


Good question.
Great site, wie schon Ralph sagte.

Danke! Bedeutet mir sehr viel! Ich mag deine Arbeit sehr und habe bei diesem Projekt gedacht “wie wurde RME das machen” :wink:

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Hi Pealco,

Thanks for your feedback! The page in question (dealer locater) is custom programming. I didn’t write the code, a developer did that for me. At the moment I’m embedding it as an i-frame into the page. This isn’t the most elegant solution, but deadlines had to be met. :slight_smile: I plan on integrating the code directly into the page later.

Thanks Eldar, that made my day!

Such a cool looking website! :grinning:

Hi @gary

cool website … looks great. One little thing when you click send …see screenshot:


Nice and elegant site

Congratulations @gary

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Thanks Wam, that means a lot to me!

Thanks for your feedback! The issue with the double warning is something I reported that about 2 months ago here in the forum. If I remove the warning text completely, then the form shows no warning. If I add it back in then it shows 2 warnings … no idea what the deal is …

Thank you I appreciate your feedback!

Very beautifully done!