Self host

Does this mean that the settings here can only be used when you are running the server yourself?

I’m by no means sure of this, and what I’m saying could be completely wrong, but I think it’s when you’re running a script on your hosting server, and not using Blocs built in email script. The ‘send to’, ‘from’ etc. are all useable whether using self-hosted or built in.
Someone with a better knowledge than me can chip in if I’m leading you down the wrong path.

Close @TrevReav, but the other way around. Self Hosting is the non-custom option. Blocs creates the scripts, you host it on your web host. The wording is a little confusing though.

OOOOOH, so close.

Don’t take anything I say as the truth!

Thanks for your comment, but I don’t know how to use it :relaxed: