Self-hosted fonts

Can someone point me to a definitive source for self-hosting fonts with Blocs please?
I understand which font formats are needed, just how to get the site to recognise them.
I’ve trawled the web and there seems to be a few ways of doing it - adding code here, adding code there etc. so if anyone has a definitive way that works for them, I’d be interested to hear it.
No urgency, just something I’d like to log in my brain for the future.
Thanks all.

Use the font manager to add them as local fonts. Blocs will do all the work for you.


Thanks @Malachiman.
So there was me searching high and low for info and it was under my nose the whole time.
Adding fonts isn’t a problem for me, so does Blocs now take care of uploading them and adding any code after this? That’s the part I’m stuck with.

Just choose your fonts then export your project normally. It will all be in there with the rest ready for FTP upload. No need to do anything else.

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Great, thanks very much.
Sorry for the late reply.